Baggage Services

We know how important your baggage is. We also understand the time and effort involved in waiting to collect it and transporting it around. Our baggage services will help keep your baggage safe and secure, so you’re free to focus on where you’re going next. And if you land in Dubai, we can even deliver it for you.

Baggage Delivery Service

If you’re heading straight to a business meeting on your arrival in Dubai, you can hit the ground running and travel light, knowing your bags will be waiting for you at the end of the day. And if you’re visiting Dubai for fun, you can start exploring straight away, without needing a pit-stop at the hotel.

Key Service Features

  • Delivery direct to wherever you’re staying, anywhere in the UAE
  • Available at Dubai International airport, Emirates Terminal 3 and shortly at Terminal 1
  • Baggage delivery within two to three hours from the arrival time

Porter Service

Let us carry your bags for you, so you can relax through the airport journey. Our complimentary porter service is part of most of our Meet & Greet packages. Or you can add it to your Bronze package for a little extra fee.

Airshell Baggage Protection

Protect your stroller, car seat or wheelchair from damage during flights by renting an Airshell bag for the duration of your journey (return flights out of Terminal 1 and Emirates Terminal 3 at Dubai International airport only). These robust bags are made by flight case specialists with hard-wearing outer fabric and quality zippers. Some airlines and travel agencies will not cover damage unless you have used an Airshells protection product.

For an additional charge, you can store your Airshell bag(s) on arrival at participating airports. If you’ve rented your Airshell independently and you’re flying in to Dubai International, there are storage facilities in Terminal 1 or Emirates Terminal 3. Again, an additional charge applies.

Key Service Features

  • Protection from in-flight damage for strollers, car seats and wheelchairs
  • Rent for the duration of your journey
  • The only airline-approved protection products on the market

Airshell Bags

Robust bag for stroller or pram

This robust bag is lined with protective foam to withstand shocks and rough handling.
Single stroller: L105cm, W65cm, H50cm (internal dimensions)
Twin stroller: L110cm, W82cm, H60cm (internal dimension)

Child car seat bag

Suitable for all child car seats, this bag is manufactured from thick durable fabric, protecting the seat from dirt, debris and rough handling. You can wear the bag containing the child seat on your back like a backpack.

Robust bag for wheelchair

This bag can accommodate all foldable wheelchairs and rollators. The bag’s outer layer is manufactured from extra-strong nylon fabric and reinforced with foam material. It is 100% waterproof and completely washable, with carry handles on all corners and two on top to make lifting easy on any side.

Our Extra Touches

From making a loved one feel even more special, to providing seamless onward transport to your final destination, the marhaba effect isn’t confined to the airport. Our additional services can be added to your meet & greet service either during booking or at least 24 hours before your travel date.