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Our people are highly trained in many different aspects of the airline industry, airport operations and customer care, to guarantee an exceptional standard of expert, friendly and personal service. With over 40 different nationalities represented within our team, we understand how to smooth your way through the airport.

Meet Some of Our Team

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  • Ekaterina Anokhina
    With marhaba since November 2013
    I am proud to be part of such a multinational community."

    I am Russian and I’m currently working in Dubai International airport Terminal 3. It gives me joy to see the happy faces of family members meeting their beloved ones with warm greetings and hugs. Our job is more than simply following procedures and keeping an eye on security and safety; we are the customer service agents, who can assist with a charming smile and utmost care whenever we’re needed.

  • Ivaylo Kehayov
    With marhaba since February 2014
    I'm happy to be part of the marhaba team — a company that delivers on the promises it makes to its customers! I love helping other people and believe this is making me a better person."

    My name is Ivo and I’m from Varna, Bulgaria’s third largest city. I recently graduated with an Economics degree and spent three summers working and travelling in the UK and USA on student exchange programmes through my university. Now I’m part of the marhaba team in one of the biggest airports in the world! When I’m not working, I love to watch motor sports, especially Formula 1.

  • Leny Caburog
    With marhaba since November 2013
    Whenever I interact with my passengers, I am learning new things. Their diverse stories, places, weather and tourist attractions make me realize how amazing the world is."

    Before joining marhaba, I worked in customer service in my home country of the Philippines but it was always my dream to be a part of the aviation industry. I strive to delight passengers and it’s a great feeling when they thank you for your excellent service. Their kind words encourage me to be better and to always share happiness with everyone.

  • Grigore Teodor Samoila (Teo)
    With marhaba since May 2014
    I like to travel as much as possible, to make more friends and discover new things about interesting places and unique civilisations."

    I’m from Romania and I take great pride in my work as a customer service professional. I like multi-tasking and thinking on my feet when I have to manage many different priorities at once. I find different cultures and customs fascinating and I love to talk with people from different backgrounds. When I’m not at work, I play volleyball and go skydiving.

  • Jesica Rodriguez
    With marhaba since December 2013
    There is nothing better than making our passengers feel special. I love seeing the smiling faces when we meet a family or greet them with a bunch of flowers."

    I come from a faraway place in South America. . . Buenos Aires in Argentina, to be exact. I joined marhaba as a Services Agent in December 2013. Before that, I gained customer service experience in the travel and tourism industries by working in hotels and travel agencies. Being part of marhaba gives me the opportunity to deal with customers from all over the world and I really enjoy that.

  • Siril Saji George
    With marhaba since August 2013
    Working for marhaba has given me insight into both the aviation industry and the value and importance of customer service."

    I am from India and I’ve been working with marhaba for just under a year. This is my first job after graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Aviation Management and to this day I'm glad I started working for marhaba. I've adapted and honed my skills at working under pressure and delegating work amongst my colleagues. My time at marhaba has also improved my leadership and communication skills.

  • Elvina Nurmanbetova
    With marhaba since March 2010
    Working with different nationalities and cultures is very challenging and rewarding for me and it boosts my confidence."

    I come from Kyrgyzstan and I’ve been living in the UAE since 2007. I began working for the Emirates Group in 2010 under Guest Services before moving to marhaba. Since then, I’ve gained experience in all the different marhaba services and I’m currently working in the lounge. I work hard and I’m very dedicated to my career. I can speak English, Russian, Turkish and verbal Arabic.

  • Amr Haddad
    With marhaba since January 2012
    I am positive about every aspect of life."

    I’m from Syria and I’ve been with marhaba for almost three years. I enjoy working hard and I’m proud to be part of such a great team. I am a big believer in positive thinking. I care about people and do my best to exceed their expectations. When I’m not working, I ride bikes, listen to music and try hard to be better at saving money!

  • Celeste Cariño Rafols
    With Marhaba since October 2013
    I believe in the value of the Three Ts: tact, timing and tolerance."

    I was born in the Philippines. As a performer with one of my country’s most prestigious dance companies, I toured Asia, the United States and Europe and later choreographed events such as 2009 Dubai Faces. I moved into the advertising industry, where I focused on developing corporate business accounts. My career has always involved customer services and client relations. I live in Dubai with my husband and two children.

  • Thomas Hough
    With marhaba since July 2013
    My plan for the future is to work my way up the dnata ladder, learn as much as possible and continue giving my best to the job I love."

    I was born in Liverpool in the UK but grew up in the Middle East. I’ve always had a keen interest in the aviation industry and when I was given the opportunity to join the Emirates Group in July 2013, I took it with open arms. I’m a voluntary member of the STAR team, a marhaba workplace health and safety initiative. Outside work, I socialise and play football and rugby.

  • Ambreen Muhammad Ashiq
    With marhaba since June 2007
    marhaba is synonymous with quality and performance. We are a market leader because we help bring our customers together with their families and loved ones."

    I was born and raised in Dubai and studied Business Management at the University of Wales before starting my career with marhaba in 2007. Since then, I’ve worked in a variety of areas and been involved in many different projects. I've learned a lot from the very smart and dedicated people who work here and I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to take part in activities and projects outside the workplace.

  • Misheal Philip
    With marhaba since September 2013
    I like to work in a pressured environment so I can give my best and excel myself."

    I was born in Sri Lanka. Before joining marhaba, I worked for Etisalat, a mobile telecommunications company in Sri Lanka. I then worked for Dubai Metro, the world’s longest fully automated rail network. I’ve been with marhaba for almost a year. Each day is different and I enjoy the fast pace of my job and meeting every new challenge.

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